Dual Enrollment

Students who meet certain requirements and receive approval from the Guidance Department may take college level courses and receive both high school and college credit beginning their Junior year. 

What courses can I take? 

Students may take courses that will count toward both their required courses at Covenant Academy and their general requirements for college such as English Comp 1, English Comp 2, American History, Speech, Psychology, and Government.  Math and Science courses may be taken depending on the student’s intended school and major.  Developmental courses will not be accepted and will not count for credit, GPA, or as an honors class. 

Juniors may only take one dual enrollment course the fall semester of their Junior year.  Students may take two dual enrollment classes during the Spring of the Junior year and both semesters of their Senior year as long as they do not conflict with their Covenant Academy schedule.  Additional classes must be approved and monitored by the Covenant Academy Guidance office. 


Course Fees:

Students can qualify for four classes with Motlow for free over the course of the Junior/Senior years.  Dual enrollment classes do not result in a tuition cut from Covenant Academy.  Once your four free classes have been taken, you can borrow from the Hope Scholarship to help pay for additional classes.  All financial arrangements for dual enrollment classes must be arranged with Motlow. 

More information and a list of important dates can be found at motlow.edu/students/high-school/dual-enrollment/index.html