Graduation requirements

Graduation Requirements

Class Load

Underclassmen are required to take seven subjects each year.  Seniors may take six classes.  The exception to this rule will be those enrolled in dual enrollment classes with Motlow.  A student taking one dual enrollment class must be enrolled in at least five/four Covenant Academy classes depending on their year.  Seniors taking two dual enrollment classes must be enrolled in at least three Covenant Academy classes.  Students must be enrolled in a Bible, English, and Math course each year. 

Semester Averages

Semester averages will be calculated as follows: Each 9 -week period will count as 40% of the semester average and the semester exam will count as 20% of the semester average. No student will be exempt from 1st semester exams; however, seniors with an 85 or higher in a course may be exempt from the 2nd semester exams at the teacher’s discretion. 

Requirements for Honors Diploma

In order to receive an Honors Diploma, students must be enrolled as a full time campus student continuously throughout their high school career and must fulfill the following:

·         GPA of 3.25

·         3 credits of the following courses: Calculus, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Honors Government*, Dual Enrollment English (or other Dual Enrollment as approved by the Principal)